News from Learning Animals - UK based initiatives 2018

  • Posted on: 22 April 2018
  • By: Jose

News from Learning Animals - UK based initiatives 

A different knowledge, a different awareness
While attention for wellbeing of horses and other animals is growing, today's culture and basic education towards non-human animals is still deep-rooted in an old paradigm. It is something difficult to breakthrough and the reason why many modern initiatives with good intention actually risk to objectify horses even more. We can talk about animals as subjects, as sentient beings, but taking into account that they should be owner of their own life and their own experiences is a dedicated study all by itself.

Learning Animals works both within the field of Animal Studies as in practical day-to-day application of knowledge, to grow awareness and recognition of non-human animals as subjects and as sentient beings with their own world of perception; and to improve understanding of how reciprocal relationships between humans and non-human animals develop and to facilitate the deconstruction of any lingering anthropocentric vision to return to the "animality perspective". 

You can develop your own understanding following the Learning Animals' study programs. There are several courses offered:

- Basic Animality studies: Learning Horse and Learning Dog

- Deepening program: Learning Human

- Specialisation: Learning Animals Change Facilitator Network

The Learning Animals Institute is located in Italy, but in 2018 there will be a number of initiatives again in the UK, to learn more about the Learning Animals perspective, the work of Dr. Francesco De Giorgio and the changing paradigm. The first event of 2018 was held in February, Petersfield. "A truly fascinating talk", organised by The Herd Center.

These are the upcoming events: 

- Thursday, May 10th: The Cognitive Horse - Learning Animals Introduction Seminar

The introduction seminar is an inspiring talk to understand how we can evolve, and why this is necessary from the equine perspective. If you are interested in the Learning Animals perspective and you have already participated, you can join again for new insights, as every seminar is different, although evolved around the same topic. 

If you are interested to join the clinic with Francesco De Giorgio in June, or if you are thinking about participating in the Learning Horse study program, attending an introduction seminar is a pre-requisite.

- Saturday, June 23rd: Experiencing the Cognitive Horse - A day with Francesco De Giorgio, facilitating a semi-familial herd in Petersfield. Write an email to for more information. 

Learning Horse Study program 

The seminar and a day with Francesco De Giorgio give a good idea around which values the Learning Animals Studies are centered, and how that changes everything. Do you want to develop yourself in this direction? We are busy with planning the logisitics for a new - mainly UK based - Learning Horse Study program. 

Learning Horse UK
Your study to learn about horses - donkeys, and other animals - about their emotional needs, affiliative behaviours and cognitive abilities, seen from the equine point of view. 

A study about empowerment, about sharing life-experiences, and preserving quality of life. A study about interspecies cultures, but mainly about the decentralisation of the human within the relationship with other animals, facilitating family-like bonds.

Participation requires previous attendance of an introduction seminar and an intake by phone. If you attend the June-clinic, there will be a discount on the Study-programme fee. 

This is a short overview of details, we are still looking into the location, which will be in the Southern regions of England. 


14 - 15 -16 September 2018 [UK]: Start Module one and preparation for Module 2

13 - 14 October 2018 [UK]: Module 2 and practice with Francesco De Giorgio

17 - 18 November 2018 [UK]: Module 3

December period 2018 [Online]: 1 hour - Individual skype call with each participant, for personal growth and practical application, between December 3rd and 14th

January period 2019 [Online]: 1 hour - Individual skype call with each participant, for personal growth and practical application, between January 14th and 25th

23 - 24 February 2019 [UK]: Module 4 

30 - 31 March 2019 [Italy]: Module 5, practical experiences in Italy

27 April 2019 [UK]: Exam

Study-fee:  2,650.- Euro (circa 2,300 GBP) included 3 nights in accommodation (with breakfast and lunch) in Italy - excluded evening meals and flights. 
Participants: minimum 6 - maximum 10

Coming up soon:

Jose De Giorgio-Schoorl during the try-outLearning Animals' TEDx talk on youtube entitled "How to see nonhuman animals as owners of their own life - and why this is important." Because change is possible, and change is necessary. No one should be born to become a number.

Learning Animals works every day to enable a change and to facilitate a quality growth in our knowledge and understanding of nonhuman animals - from their perspective. Developments and initiatives are on in the academic field as in daily-life-practice. 

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