The Cognitive Horse UK seminar

Thursday, 10 May, 2018 - 15:30

If you have been inspired by the book Equus Lost? or are seeking ways to further your relationship with your horses, or have questions about how horses are currently viewed and utilised, or how cognitive horses are then this seminar is for you. It is a rare opportunity to learn more about the work of José and her partner Dr. Francesco De Giorgio – Author, Biologist, Cognitive Ethologist and Specialist in Non Human Animals Quality of Life, here in the UK. José will share some of Learning Animals’ mission topromote the emotional, affiliative and cognitive life of (non human) animals. The seminar will 
• Grow awareness and recognition of non-human animals as subjects and as sentient beings with their own world of perception
• Improve understanding of how reciprocal relationships between humans and non-human animals develop
• Invite you to let go of any lingering anthropocentric vision and return to an equine perspective 
and debunk a few myths along the way for our equine and other non human animals and our relationships with them.

This will be an enjoyable and at times challenging afternoon, where José will invite you to see non human animals in a new light, which may ignite some lively debate and there will be time for questions during the seminar.

Please be aware that this is not a “How To Guide” or a new method for training horses.

There will be some written materials that can be taken home and the chance to purchase a copy of the book Equus Lost? for a reduced price of £10.

In June there will be a possibility to see Dr. Francesco De Giorgio at work himself, in a day of practice within a small herd of horses. Attending this Introductory Seminar is a pre-requisite should you wish to attend the 1 day practical clinic with Learning Animals on Saturday 23rd June 2018 in Petersfield, Hampshire. 

Please note that there will be a brief “motivation to attend” questionnaire to complete prior to attending which will enable José to tailor her seminar accordingly. 

Please arrive at 3.15 for a prompt start at 3.30 pm - any questions please contact Catherine Daley of The Herd Centre, or write an email to: