Experiencing the Cognitive Horse with Dr. Francesco De Giorgio

Saturday, 23 June, 2018 - 00:00

Experiencing the Cognitive Horse

A day with Francesco De Giorgio, facilitating a family like -group of horses in Petersfield.

"Learning Animals is a dimension for those who are ready to explore an evolved paradigm of coexisting. Not improving the way humans work with horses - not studying how they live in the wild to learn how to make them adapt better in their interaction with human - but a dimension in which you learn how to step out of an anthropocentric, human focused culture. It is about rewilding relations, from a cognitive point of view."

"On the 23rd of June, Francesco De Giorgio will come to the UK, to facilitate a family like-group of horses, their herd dynamics and their individual needs and desires to be owners of their own life"

"Observing Francesco's exceptional ability to tune in with, and to facilitate a horse's experience is a unique opportunity."

A pre-requisite of being part of the day is to have participated in a Learning Animals seminar, as you will have an appreciation of the shared dimension of horse and human, which for many people is hard to recognise, and an understanding that you won’t be seeing someone solving human problem's with horses.

For more information please write: info@learning-animals.org



9.30: Arrive at the location and time for orientation
10.00: Introduction
- Introduction for human by Francesco De Giorgio - An understanding of the curiosity of participants.
10.45: Looking at a new paradigm
- Introduction for the horses by Francesco De Giorgio - Observation by participants
12.00: Post-observation reflection
12.30: Lunch
13.15: Facilitating a family-like group
- Theory introduction - "what does social mean"
- Experience for the horses (by Francesco De Giorgio): exploring social possibilities and deconstruct old paradigms, break down shadows of their past.
- Leaving a trace of adventure for horses and human
15.00: Final reflections
16.00: Closure

Registrations accepted until 15th of June.

Payment: £140 (post workshop webinar included) Lunch: £13.50 (fresh vegan fare) or bring your own packed lunch

Payment possibilities: Paypal or bank transfer (Dutch bank account)

Number of participants: Min 8 - Max 12

In case you register and will be accepted for the UK Learning Horse study program 2018, the £140 will be detracted from the Learning Horse study program fee. N.B. Joining the workshop does not automatically guarantee a partecipation place in the Learning Horse study program. 

Post workshop:

Post workshop webinar with José De Giorgio-Schoorl on Saturday 30th June 5 - 6 pm for questions and insights. The webinar is included in the workshop fee.

Join the day with Francesco De Giorgio:

Register here: Online registration form