Interactive Online introduction seminar "The Animal Perspective"

Wednesday, 25 July, 2018 - 15:00

July 25th, from 15:00 PM to 17.30 (London Time, GMT+1)

An online, interactive, English spoken Learning Animals introduction seminar

Changing Perspective

There is increasing attention for non-human animals, their intrinsic value, well-being, their capacities and needs, but with that an increasing need to change perspective, and to evolve within our society when it comes to norms and values considering our coexistence with other animals.

Because the question is what does new knowledge bring? Ensuring quality experiences from other animals, or rather developing a more advanced usage? Evolve in relationships? Or an increasing expectations, towards other animals and towards ourselves - wanting to do "the right thing"?

To understand these differences, and understand the possibility to truly evolve in preserving and experiencing otherness, Learning Animals gives introduction lectures, for everyone who is interested in the relationship between people and other animals and the developments within this dimension, in which the value of subjective experiences of human and other animals is of equal importance.

Questions that will be answered include:

- What changes are taking place in human culture regarding the norms and values ​​of coexisting with other animals?

- What impact does the anthropocentric viewpoint have?

- Why is it important for the well-being of people and other animals to let go of domination and manipulation of the behavior of an animal, and to pay attention to social relationship dynamics?

- What do the Learning Animals courses about cognition in animals and the Animality Studies entail?

- How can you start in everyday life to recognize the own attention of another animal?

"Facilitate the space for a dog to ask questions, in daily life - not in planned activities | The relationship with a horse without leadership, without romantic projections | The ethical implications of the current developments in animal-assisted activities" 

The introduction lecture is a source of insight, awareness, reflection and inspiration - Moving On - to a society in which quality experiences are central for everyone.

Feedback from previous editions: "An introductory lecture at Learning Animals will not leave you unmoved. " [R.C.] "Lots of things to reflect upon." [A.S.]


Location: Online platform

Cost: 45,- Euro (international bank transfer, or PayPal)

Date: July 25th 2018

London time: 15:00 - 17:30

Italy time: 16:00 - 18:30

New York, Eastern time: 10.00 - 12.30 

Registration: Online form

We are all Learning Animals

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