Learning Animals works on an international level to create awareness for relationship between human and other animals, taken the socio-cognitive abilities of both into account. Based on the work of Cognitive Ethologist Dr. Francesco De Giorgio, this is done by offering education programs, university guest lectures, student support in research regarding human and nonhuman animals as subjects, writing of books and articles, collaboration with animal-welfare organisations, individual consults and the organisation of conferences, workshops and seminars.

The company is Dutch based:

Learning Animals | Siriusdreef 17, 2132 WT Hoofddorp (Nederland)
+31 (0)644834881 

Learning Animals v.o.f. - K.v.K. 555376 18 
BTW nr. NL851756001B01 

The Italian structure of Learning Animals is based in Liguria:

Piana Crixia, Savona. 

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