Privacy Statement (English)

Your personal data

This website only collects your personal data if you enter it yourself in a web form. Each page on this website where you can enter personal data indicates the purpose for which the requested personal data are collected and how long they are retained.

The website will collect your IP address in the following cases:

  • If you request a webpage that does not exist or that you do not have access to.
  • If you log in or try to log in.
  • If you enter a search query in the website.
  • If an error occurs during your visit due to your action.
  • Other similar events.

The purpose of this processing is to be able to monitor the correct functioning of the website.

The number of log lines that we keep is limited. The number of log messages per time determines how long the data is saved. This will usually not be longer than a few days.

With whom we share the collected personal data

As soon as you send your information via a web form, we, as owner of this website, have access to this data.

Inforwijzer ( performs application management and technical management on this website and also has access to the personal data you have submitted.

Combell B.V. ( hosts this website. The personal data that you send will be sent to one of their web servers within the European Union.

How we protect personal data.

Your submitted personal details are accessible to our managers of the website and the Inforwijzer website administrator. They must first log into the website with their username and password to access the data. 

This website is built in the open source CMS Drupal. This is a very reliable and safe CMS. Inforwijzer ensures that the CMS always remains safe by timely implementation of security updates.

Your personal data within the website are stored in a database on a Combell web server. This web server is in the European Union. Combell employees do not have direct access to your data. Their ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System protects your data.

We have a website and data management contract with Inforwijzer and Inforwijzer has a contract with Combell.  

Your rights

You can always ask through our contact form which personal data we have of you and for what purpose. You can view this information and you can ask to delete it. We will do that immediately.

Use of anonymous visitor data

We use Google Analytics to collect web statistics. This application uses javascript and cookies with which we can monitor your behavior on our website.

We collect the following data: the instrument you use (such as a Windows PC, an iPad or mobile phone), the browser you use (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), the region from where you visit the website, how you came onto the site, what keyword you used to find us, the time and duration of your visit and which page were visited.

We have set up Google Analytics to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that we only register a part of your IP address. This means you can not be identified, but we can perform analytics to improve this website and our services. Google will also not use our collected data for own purposes.

We do not use the collected data for any other purpose. In addition to us, Inforwijzer has insight into the data to help us analyze the performance of the website.

Social share buttons

We use Social share buttons. If you do not use them, they will not leave a cookie on your computer. As soon as you click on one of the buttons you go to the environment of Refurls ( This environment provides the sharefunction and places a cookie in order for the session to run smoothly. This functional cookie expires as soon as you leave the environment. The social media that you then use to share (Facebook, Twitter etc.) can also place cookies. We have no influence on that. For more information about this, please refer to the relevant social media.

Funtional cookies

The website also uses functional cookies. These help the website to do what it has to do.  

Refuse cookies

If you object to the use of cookies, you can disable cookies via the settings of your browser. Even without the use of cookies you can use this site, but advanced functionality will not work. More information about cookies and safe internet can be found on the website (dutch).

More information about browser settings for cookies can be found on the website (dutch).