Start Learning Horse in Italy

Saturday, 11 January, 2014 - 00:00

Start of the education program Learning Horse, italian edition 2014, Italy

In the equine-human relationship there is often a one-way interaction: people look for the possibility to develop specific behavior in their training and daily activities with the horse. A sound and pure relationship, interaction is a dialogic way in which all involved can express their intention and their inner state. Understanding what the needs are for both human and animal in a relationship, understanding how this is different from what we are used to and developing instruments to be able to live and enjoy this approach in your own relationship(s) is what the applied equine zooanthropology education program by Learning Animals give you.

Podere del Lavagno
via di Lavarone, 1
Lonato del Garda - Brescia (Italy) 

11-12 January 2014 | Zooanthropology introduction
15-16 February 2014 | Cognitive ethology
15-16 March 2014 | Cognitive learning
25-26-27 April 2014 | Communication, language and problem solving
7-8 June 2014 | Problem solving and the application of the cognitive zooanthropologic model
6 July 2014 | Examination

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