Student support: Thesis on the impact of how society interprets animal wellbeing

If you are a student, you might have encountered this situation; you love animals, so you choose to follow a study related to animals, maybe even animal care and management of animal welfare, to end up learning about production standards for animal farming or the best practice training methods to turn pets into good pet-citizens.

Somewhere along the line the animal subject becomes on object, and you wonder why that happened. This is the central question an Italian student asked herself.
Studying "management of animal welfare" on her university, she felt inspired by the guest lectures Learning Animals gave within her faculty regarding the importance of animal cognition for animal wellbeing. Passionate to understand more she followed the full Learning Horse program to further develop her knowledge about the animal as sentient being, and what this understanding asks, from a human point of view and from society in general.
Her motivation to contribute to an ongoing development of a new perspective of animal welfare/wellbeing and to an evolution of the institutional study-contents regarding animal wellbeing, she decided to dedicate her thesis to explaining the complexity of growing awareness for the animal as sentient beings on one hand, and the necessity to integrate this understanding in education programs on the other hand, to develop the understanding within our society of what animal wellbeing could truly mean. Her thesis should be ready by the end of the year. 

Student observed by Learning Animals' Marea, while taking notes.