Learning Animals Summer Camp 2019

To arrange the logistics for all the participants joining the fourth international Learning Animals Camp, we ask you to fill out the form below that allows us to start making arrangements. 

Participation fee:
The fee will be 500,- Euro for Learning Animals Facilitators and 450,- Euro for Change Facilitators. Fee can be paid by June 1st 2019. Your invoice will be sent once we receive this form. If you need to pay in two installments, please let us know.

The accommodation, trekking experinece and several meals are included in the fee. The accommodation is based on individual tents on Camp-site.  

Maximum Participants:
To guarantee an intense experience, individidual attention and a quality exchange between participants, the maximum number of participants is 10. Minimum is 6.

Registration is open from January 14th until April 1st 2019 (ample anticipation is necessary to ensure the accommodation and trekking experience as it will be high-season).


Privacy indication: The information will be used solely to organise the camp logisitcs and to handle administrative correspondence. We will receive the information via email, and the information will be archived for one year, after which the content will be eliminated. 

Planned / Estimated arrival and departure